10 Best Cat Breeds based on your Personality Type

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Often times, you might feel attached to a particular cat breed or breeds, but they might not be the right fit for you, based on your personality type. It is quite essential for you as a cat owner newbie to answer these questions, “Do you know who you are? How do you spend your free time? How large is your family? Are you the clingy or cuddling type? This will help you in knowing the right cat breed or breeds for you.

Let’s walk you through a few examples of how to choose the perfect cat breed for you based on your personality.

1. If you are the laid-back (easygoing) type

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Bombay cats are easygoing, curious and adaptable. Not only do they enjoy playing, but they also love curling up in bed. They get along well with humans and animals of all sizes. A busy home is no problem for them because they really don’t care. If you show them a lot of love, you will become best buddies.

2. If you are the attention-loving type

If you are attention loving, then Devon Rex is a good match for you. They are quite enchanting, and very loving. As a result, you could cling to them them all day, enjoying their fine curly coat.

3. If you are the daring type

Once known as “companions of emperors” to “cat hunters” during the silk boom in Japan. They hunted down the pests that threatened the silk trees. As a result, Japanese Bobtail are energetic, and always up for a chase with their feline friends.

4. If you are the self-dependent type

If you are an achiever or a loner, the Chartreux is the perfect home companion for you. These cats are content whether they are cuddling or sleeping, while you are at work. Chartreux are not too clingy, but they like being around their owners. They are peaceful, serene, and content.

5. If you are the lively type

If your hobby includes going on adventures, enjoying long rides and having fun in water, then having a Manx is the right match for you.

6. If you the reserved type

If you enjoy having your alone time to cool off, then a Russian Blue is the right companion for you. They are peaceful, independent, and unbothered if you are rarely at home. On your return, they will greet you warmly. Although, they might be cautious around strangers, but they are devoted to their owners.

7. If you are the “create a plan” type

If you feel like the head of your family circus, an Abyssinian is a perfect fit for you. They have a lot of enthusiasm for playing with kids, enjoy picking new tricks and being around people. It is commonly quoted that “you can never be alone with an Abyssinian”.

8. If you are the gentle type

If you enjoy spending time curled up on a couch while reading, then the British Shorthair is for you. When you sit down to pet these cats’ luscious hairstyle, they will be as happy as you are. They are laid back, calm, and do not need a lot of playing or attention. However, they can trail you around the house.

9. If you are the goofy type

The Lykoi cat, also known as the “Wolf Cat” or “Werewolf Cat” are rare cat breeds. They are humorous creatures with bare faces, and are quite adorable. Their silky, fine coat has a complex color pattern that displays their uniqueness. All in all, if you ever wish for a unique roommate, then the Lykoi is the right choice for you.

10. If you are the doting type

The enormous Maine Coon is simply a huge bundle of love. The perfect words that describes them is devotion, and fun friends as they are content to be in your company. Due to their robust physique, they are well-suited to manage the little people in your home. They love any form of attention and are very patient with kids.

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