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Cat Grooming

Discover the importance of regular cat grooming on catlives. Learn how it prevents matting and hairballs, promotes healthy skin, and even includes tips for trimming nails and cleaning ears. Create a calm environment, use the right tools, and make grooming enjoyable for both you and your feline friend

Cat Wellness

Explore essential cat wellbeing tips on catlives, covering regular vet visits, exercise, playtime and the crucial role of a clean living environment for your feline friend’s health.

Cat Breeding

Discover essential tips and best practices for ethical cat breeding. Learn about health screenings, breed standards, and responsible care on catlives

Who we are

Whether you’re seeking expert advice, heartwarming stories, or a vibrant community of fellow cat aficionados, we’re here to make your journey in the world of feline companionship truly special. Join us in creating a haven where the happiness of our cats is at the heart of everything we do. Because here, it’s not just about cats; it’s about the extraordinary love and fulfilment they bring to our lives. 

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Our Vision

Our vision is to create a world where every cat thrives in a loving and informed environment. We envision a cat-focused platform that serves as the ultimate resource hub, fostering a global community passionate about feline well-being.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive and dynamic platform for cat enthusiasts, offering a wealth of information, advice, and products tailored to enhance the lives of both cats and their caregivers.

Feline Fitness: Calculate Your Cat's BMI

Discover your cat’s ideal weight and track their health journey with our easy-to-use BMI calculator designed specifically for feline friends. Ensure your furry companion stays fit and happy with personalized insights and recommendations.

"Smarty Cats: Test Your Feline IQ!"

Discover just how smart your feline friend really is with our Cat IQ Quiz! From problem-solving to social skills, explore the depths of your cat’s intelligence with fun and engaging questions tailored to their unique abilities.

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