Exotic Shorthair


United States



Adult Weight

8-15 pounds

Life Span

12-16 years


Endearing, quiet, affectionate, gentle


Shorthaired Persian


Small to medium-sized shorthair



Personality and Temperament

The adorable, personable Exotic Shorthair cat is a cross between the Persian and the American Shorthair. Friendly toward newcomers and affectionate toward family members, these cats adore their people and enjoy nothing quite so much as the attention of their human companions. They are fond of cuddling – so much so, that it’s not at all uncommon for them to climb under the covers with their favorite person. Exotic Shorthair cats are famous for following their family members around the house. If you are sitting in one room and their toys are in another, they may bring a favorite toy into the room where you are and play with it next to your feet. Speaking of playfulness, Exotic Shorthair cats do enjoy playtime, but they typically play in a gentler, slower manner than the average cat. If you live in a small apartment and don’t have room for a huge cat tree, this might be the ideal breed for you!


Exotic Shorthair cats have no special nutritional needs, however they are less active than some other cat breeds and may be prone to obesity. We recommend offering a high-protein diet without too many carbohydrates. Since obesity can lead to numerous health problems, it’s very important to feed your cat the proper amount.
Even though these cats have short coats, they require frequent grooming. True, you’ll only need to brush them once or twice per week, however you will need to clean the eye area and the folds of the face once or twice per day to prevent irritation. Consider teaching your kitten to accept toothbrushing and nail clipping.
Since it’s important to prevent obesity particularly in laid-back cat breeds like the Exotic Shorthair, you’ll want to provide fun toys and make yourself available for interactive play.
Just like their Persian cousins, Exotic Shorthair cats do have a couple of known health issues. These include respiratory health problems or difficulty breathing, along with some tear staining. Exotic Shorthair cat’s eyes protrude slightly from their faces, increasing the risk of scratches and other eye injuries. This is a common issue in all flat faced cats.


Affection Level 100%
Activity Level 50%
Pet-Friendly 90%
Kid-Friendly 90%
Sociability 90%
Intelligence 70%
Playfulness 80%
Independence 40%
Vocality 40%
Grooming 50%


The Exotic Shorthair is a relatively new cat breed. Sometimes called a Persian in a petticoat, this lovable cat was developed in the 1950s, when cat breeder Carolyn Bussey attempted to create a brown Persian by crossing a Persian cat with a Burmese. Although the resulting kittens were black in color, they were absolutely adorable and Bussey knew that she was on to something. In 1967, the Cat Fanciers Association granted the Exotic Shorthair championship status. In 1971, CFA’s grand champion was an exotic Shorthair and the breed continued to gain popularity. By 1975, the Exotic Shorthair gene pool was large enough for breeders to stop outcrossing with Burmese and American Shorthairs. Today, all pedigreed Exotic Shorthair cats are the result of pairings between registered Exotic Shorthair parents. If you think that these cats look like shorthaired Persians, you’re right! According to CFA, they meet all Persian breed standards, with the exception of their short coat.

The Breed Standard


The body should be softly rounded, with a cuddly, teddy bear appearance. No feature should be more prominent than another and the overall impression should be that of harmonious balance.


The Exotic Shorthair cat should have a large, round head that sits atop a short, broad neck. The cheeks should be full, the nose should be short and broad, and the muzzle should be short as well. The chin should be well-developed, with a proper bite.


An Exotic Shorthair cat should have large, rounded eyes. The eyes may be of any color that complements the coat.


The ears should be short and round tipped. They should be spaced so that the outer edges of the ears continue the rounded line of the head.

Legs & Paws

The legs should be somewhat short, but they should be thick with a strong appearance. The paws should be well rounded, and should be proportionate to the legs.


The tail should be of medium length, and should appear proportionate to the body.


Exotic Shorthair cats have a thick double coat with a soft, luxurious feel.


All colors are acceptable, as are all patterns. Nose leather and paw pad colors should complement the coat color.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does a Exotic Shorthair cat cost?

    How much does a Exotic Shorthair cat cost?Exotic Shorthair cats cost between $1,000-$5,000.
  • How big do Exotic Shorthair cats get?

    How big do Exotic Shorthair cats get?Exotic Shorthair cats tend to be small in size. A fully grown Exotic Shorthair cat might weigh between 8-15 pounds or more and range in height anywhere from about 10"-12" inches tall.
  • How long do Exotic Shorthair cats live?

    How long do Exotic Shorthair cats live?The Average lifespan for Exotic Shorthair is 12-16 years.
  • Do Exotic Shorthair cats shed?

    Do Exotic Shorthair cats shed?Exotic Shorthair are short-haired cats. Therefore, they do not shed as much as long-haired cat breeds.
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